ALF Business Plan

Through 2020, assisted living facilities faced substantial issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many older people are residents of these facilities, the crisis was and has been most significant within this segment of the healthcare industry. Recently, two vaccines have been introduced with the full expectation that older citizens will be the first to receive immunizations. This will substantially reduce the issues pertaining to the coronavirus within these facilities. As a business, assisted living facilities are some of the most profitable enterprises within the United States. The high gross margins from services rendered, substantial economic staying power, and ease of access to capital has allowed this industry to flourish over the past twenty years. Currently, nearly $63 billion of revenue is generated each from these entities.

At ALFBusinessPlan.com, we have created as suite of easy to use tools that can assist you with the development of a business plan specific for an assisted living facility. Our product includes a question-and-answer format excel model that seamlessly creates a three-year financial model (profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and relevant business ratios – please see videos below). The business planning package we offer is up to date with research current for 2021.

The Word document is a complete business plan specific for an Assisted Living Facility. The chapter list is as follows:

  • 1.0 Executive Summary
  • 2.0 Financing and Corporate Structure Overview
  • 3.0 Assisted Living Facility Operations
  • 4.0 Economic, Industry, Market, and Competitive Research
  • 5.0 Marketing Plan
  • 6.0 Personnel Plan
  • 7.0 Financial Plan
  • Appendix A – SWOT Analysis
  • Appendix B – Expanded Profit and Loss Statements
  • Appendix C – Expanded Cash Flow Analysis
  • Appendix D – Loan Amortization Table

In addition to the Assisted Living Facility business plan and excel model, you will also receive:

  • A stand alone 24 page Assisted Living Facility Marketing Plan (Word)
  • A “How to Guide” for starting an Assisted Living Facility
  • Three SWOT Analysis Templates
  • Assisted Living Facility Pitch Deck